What a STEM2 Parent Must Know

  • STEM workers play key roles in driving economy’s growth.
  • 26 million U.S. jobs—20 percent of all jobs—require a high level of knowledge in any one STEM field.
  • Half of all STEM jobs are available to workers without a four-year college degree.
  • These jobs pay $53,000 on average—a wage 10 percent higher than jobs with similar educational requirements.

What a STEM2 Parent Must Do

  • Confirm your child is on grade level for math. Ask their teacher what you can do to help keep your student on the math super highway.
  • Enroll your student in a STEM2 Club at their local school. These STEM2 clubs bring the same level of rigor and enjoyment as a sports, dance or drama club, while your student is learning the essential elements of becoming a STEM2 kid.
  • STEM2 presently suggestions four after-school STEM2 Clubs: MATHCOUNTS, FIRST Robotics, Code.org and Science Olympiad.
  • Enroll your teenager in an Early College High School. These high schools effectively prepare students for STEM2 jobs out of high school or prepare them for STEM2 in college.
  • Enroll your student in a STEM2 summer/winter holiday program. Check out: http://www.jacksonvillezoo.org/education and http://www.themosh.org/education/.
  • Look for great on-line resources such as: https://www.khanacademy.org/ and http://florida.pbslearningmedia.org.

Want more information on how you can get involved? Contact info@stem2hub.org for more details.